I am thankful for being self-published as I can still retain the ability to make changes if there was a mistake in the text. This one I didn't even notice until someone else said it. When you pronounce 'Euran' is sounds remarkably similar to 'urine'. Yikes! So, being as I still have complete control over... Continue Reading →

I've been trying to really get more active on Twitter as there seems to be more writer activity and connections through that site than on Facebook. I'm trying to follow as many inspirational writers as possible and the reciprocity of being followed back is very encouraging. The dark side of it, of course, is that... Continue Reading →

So I've had yet another cover change on the first book, so those of you who have some of the earlier versions they will be rare ones hopefully. Never know they might even go back up to retail price! 🙂 Anyways, I've gone with professionals instead of trying to stitch things together myself and I'm... Continue Reading →

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